Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Resources and Information for Meeting my GAME plan

               In last week’s post, I mentioned that I wanted to set my goal at improving the use of technology into NETS-T standard 1. My goal for improving my lessons for NETS-T standard 2 is to meet the diverse learning styles of my students by using a myriad of technology tools. After reading this week’s resources, I realize that I need to learn more about the technology I want to integrate into my lessons. Resources: I will need easy access to computers and internet service, which can be problem since I can no longer sign up for the computer lab months in advance. Without being able to reserve the computer lab far in advance creates a situation where the onus is on me to get reservation in time but not too soon or the office will not allow me to reserve the lab.

 We also do not have a technology department that trains the teachers on any new software. The technology department repairs the computers and adds software it does not run workshops for teachers to learn the new software that was loaded onto our computers. Now, many of the teachers are running behind in learning the new software that has been installed on our classroom computers. However, to meet the goals set forth in my GAME plan, I am going to have to learn new software quickly.

            I currently use the following technologies in my lessons:

·         Power point

·         Short throw projector (turns your white board into a SMART board)

·         Include images, videos, and text on power points

·         Have students in cooperative groups for homework, study guides, projects, and review.

·         The use of PBLs (Problem Based Learning) for all major projects

·         Google Earth, maps, apps, and blogs

·         E-Board (teacher website through the school district)

·         WebQuests

·         Concept (mind) maps

·         Digital storytelling

·         Voice Threads

·         Word Processing

The technologies I want to learn to infuse in my class are:

·         Setting up my own websites

·         Creating multimedia websites

·         Wikis

·         Clear Sea (A video conferencing tool, we’re not allowed to use Skype at school)

·         Other online tools that can help in my classroom (i.e.

I am willing to try ideas from other teachers who have already mastered many of the technologies I want to add to my repertoire. I need to learn how to use the technology listed, add the technology to unit plans that need infusion, and not lose content in the process. Students still need to be ready for state assessments, department benchmarks, and to meet the core standards that govern the course. Advice from my colleagues is much appreciated in the process of integrating technology into my content area.


  1. Great job with your goals! They are very clear, attainable and easy to measure. I see that using ClearSea is one of your goals. Does your school have web cams available? That is a really cool resource to have available. When you use this tool (if the school ever lets you in the lab) please let make a post about your lesson and how students handled it; I will be very interested to hear. Good luck!!!

    -Alexander D. Veltz

    1. Alex,
      We do have web cams on our teacher station computer. The computer labs do not have web cams for student use. However, our IMC does have web cams the students can use on the IMC computers - so it does provide at least one area where my students and I can go to use ClearSea.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I also plan in creating a websites for my students where they would be able to access all kind of information such as assignments, announcements, lab reports etc. With respect to problem based solving, we are required to have some type of application in our instructions that goes beyond simply giving students information or presenting something, the students have to be involved in a project or real life situation that employs higher order thinking. What you can do is assign your students projects that they need to complete with the help of technology.

    1. Serigo,
      I do have projects that require technology to complete. However, not every project uses advanced technological skills or features. I still have a long way to go before all of my plans are infused with technology.