Sunday, February 5, 2012

Demographic Profile, Podcasting & Interviewing Students

When beginning a project that has three components you have never used before, set aside enough time to complete each component. You will have to teach yourself, by reading and watching YouTube videos on how to use the latest applications that are needed for the project.

I began with a Survey Monkey of my students; you can find the survey I used at

The demographic profile was created using the results of the survey monkey. Below is that profile:

13 surveys were given to a sampling of students

Age Group 16 to 18

Boys & girls

1.      All in 12th grade

2.      All own a computer at home, all work on the computer for school work, all have internet service, all have e-mail at home

3.      All use a computer daily

4.      4 of the 13 answered yes to all the sub-topics (If you do not have a computer/internet can you use one/it from somewhere else?; Does  your teacher use email for communicating with your parents?; Does your teacher use e-mail for school assignments?) 9 answered no or not sure for teacher communicates with parents via e-mail

5.      2 use computer 2-4 Xs weekly

6 use computer weekly

4 use computer daily

1 seldom/never uses computer

6.      3 use it before, during & after school

1 after school only

5 during and after school

1 before and after school

3 during school

7.       6 chose all choices of the 6 that did make choices NONE USED SPREADSHEETS

8.      1 survey had no answers for 8 & 9

1 instant messaging

5 (Facebook, twitter, social networking)

5 research, 1 with word processing added

1 word processing

9.      1 survey blank

12 use the internet to Microsoft power point

After completing the survey and tabulating the results, I was ready for my interviews. I held the interviews after school in my classroom. I then saved them to a stick drive and transferred them to my home computer where I could work with editing to meet the time requirements of the project. I watched YouTube videos to teach me how to edit in audacity, and after a few tries I finally understood how to copy, paste, cut, fade in and out, and adjust the volume.

Below is my very first podcast, using programs I have never used before, with different computers in different locations. I hope you enjoy what I was able to put together and my students will tell you where improvement is needed at school and what program they are comfortable using. Enjoy.

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